November Beauty Favorites


I didn’t have much time to write and take photos of my favorites last month, so I’m combining my favorites from October and November. These have been the trusty favorites that have taken me through the fall so far. Fall is always a busy time for me, so its always nice to have things I’m excited to reach for again and again. Don’t get me wrong, I like variety, but I love getting into a comfortable routine in the fall. It’s cold, gets darker quickly, and my schedule is more packed than usual.  Read on if you’d like to see my favorites for the month.

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Life Update!

I haven’t been updating for the last month, and I wanted to let all of my readers know what’s been going on!wp-1479432939879.jpg

I’ve just started working with Ulta Beauty as a prestige beauty advisor in the last few weeks, so getting acclimated to my new job has been time consuming. I am really excited and feel very fortunate to be doing what I love. Ulta is so far a great company to work with, and it is giving me greater opportunity to improve my makeup artistry and expand my skills.

I also recently celebrated my 28th birthday on November 13h, and you better bet that I’ll be showing off those goods. There has been no shortage of new releases,  and I’ve got a few little hauls to share; MAC holiday collection, a birthday haul, a really exciting  Voxbx, and more! I’m hoping to have some fresh new content as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your patience! Hopefully my new job will give me more exposure to new releases that I can share with you all.

My Lipstick Tattoo!


Last Thursday I got a tattoo I’ve been wanting for a long time… A mark of my obsession with all things beauty. I chose a lipstick and wanted something a little dream inspired, surreal, sparkly, and even more luxe that a Yves Saint Laurent lipstick tube.

I wanted to write about my experience and give my artist Linzi some major props for her work. She works at Family Tradition Tattoo in Mooresville, North Carolina. It’s a bit of a hike from Raleigh, but every time I go, it’s so worth the trip! Continue reading

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar


Too Faced has just released the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar to the general public as of December 15th, but I was able to get my hands on it a few days ago thanks to Sephora’s VIB Rouge program that allows Rouge members to buy special release products early.

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to go for it, but of course, I wasn’t able to resist when I saw the colors! I was worried at first glance that the colors would be too similar, but the second chocolate bar palette definitely brings something new to the table!

Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette $49 at Sephora and TooFaced.Com Continue reading

First Post!

Welcome to my blog and thanks so much for visiting! I have some posts planned for the next few weeks that I’d like to tell you a little bit about now!

All-time favorite beauty products, Beauty Hauls, and Monthly favorites

As you may know, I love makeup and beauty products. I’ll be doing some special features like makeup collections (my favorite nude lipsticks, or favorite blushes for example) with lots of swatches and photos of my collection. I’ll also be doing some Beauty Hauls showing new purchases and initial thoughts. I get many of my ideas about beauty products from fellow bloggers and Youtubers, so I want to give my recommendations and thoughts about new products and collections. Each month, I plan to feature my monthly favorites, which will include most used, most loved, and new products I want to showcase.

Beauty Guides and How-tos

Since this blog isn’t just about what products I love, I’ll want to feature some of the things I have learned. Beauty guides will include how-tos, like finding the perfect highlight and contour routine, or how to pamper your skin for a big event. I encourage reader questions as well! I would love to help answer your biggest beauty questions!

Making Money and Getting Free Products

I haven’t been working in a conventional sense, so I’ve been getting creative with new ways to get free stuff, make money, and get the most out of the money I do spend. I’ll be making some posts about my Fiverr page, which I use to make money from $5 gigs. I’ve been doing tons of product reviews (which means lots of freebies!) and some beauty product reviews. Another site I’ve been using is called Influenster, which is a social website that has sent me some free products to sample and review. My link is always on the bottom right of my page if you want an invite to join.

Food & Cooking, Candles, Home Decor, Lifestyle, and My Thoughts and Philosophies

Be on the lookout for posts on some of my other favorite topics! This blog will start out a little more beauty-centered, but I hope to give these other topics my attention as well!