My Lipstick Tattoo!


Last Thursday I got a tattoo I’ve been wanting for a long time… A mark of my obsession with all things beauty. I chose a lipstick and wanted something a little dream inspired, surreal, sparkly, and even more luxe that a Yves Saint Laurent lipstick tube.

I wanted to write about my experience and give my artist Linzi some major props for her work. She works at Family Tradition Tattoo in Mooresville, North Carolina. It’s a bit of a hike from Raleigh, but every time I go, it’s so worth the trip!

Everyone there is really cool. It’s a nice atmosphere; clean but not sterile looking, fun, open, and there is always some good music playing. Every time I’m there, time really flies. This is the stuff that can make or break a tattoo appointment. I’ve been tattooed places where I felt uncomfortable with the general atmosphere or setup, and I never went back to any of those places.


I was a bit anxious about the process as with any tattoo. Getting an original piece designed is a collaborative effort, and while I sent a number of references and ideas, there is always the chance that the design might not come out as desired. Fortunately, Linzi seems to really get me. She grabbed all of the elements that I was looking for. A little art nouveau styling with no shortage of whimsy.


After making some minor tweaks to the design, we got the stencil in place. I really thought that getting a tattoo on my forearm would hurt more, but it wasn’t bad at all. While she was working, we discussed the next piece I want her to do for me. Linzi is a really lovely person, and she doesn’t seem to have any problem concentrating on tattooing while chatting.

She also did some touch ups for me on another artist’s work (my roses) and she really improved it. We are going to finish reworking that piece during another appointment, so I’ll be sure to post pics of that in the future.


My finished tattoo with Saniderm on it. I could honestly write an entire post about this stuff! I highly recommend looking into it.

I’m healing pretty well and I am really excited to see it healed and settled! I used Saniderm on it for the first four days, and I think it really helped expedite the healing process. I’m not totally certain that I did it right, but I definitely plan on ordering more for my next tattoo.

Since I took the SaniDerm off, I’ve been using Ultrabalm from Lush. This stuff is awesome, and best of all, it is petroleum free. Just say no to petroleum based ointments, friends! Seriously! Do. Not. Use. Aquaphor. It is pore clogging, ink pulling garbage, and antibiotic ointments are bad news too. Using preventative antibiotics isn’t a good idea long term (antibiotic resistance anyone?)  and if they are the only thing staving off infection, you’re probably doing something wrong or you’ve chosen a tattooer with less than sanitary conditions.

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo done, definitely check out Linzi’s work on her Instagram as well as the Family Tradition Instagram page. Linzi is sweet, accommodating, incredibly talented, and all around a rad person. Thanks again, girl!

Everyone go give her & Family Tradition a follow!

Linzi’s Instagram

Family Tradition’s Instagram

What are your favorite tattoo healing methods or products? Leave a comment below!



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