The Best Makeup Mirror Ever

I spotted this iHome mirror at Bed Bath & Beyond a few months ago, and I knew that I needed it right away. My previous mirror was a plain, unlighted mirror that wasn’t quite tall enough or big enough. I needed an upgrade, so I threw this mirror on my wish list. I was thrilled to receive this gift on my birthday, and right away I was ready to use it to create some new beauty looks.

The Light

This 9 inch mirror features an ultra bright light that rivals the power of some of the smaller ring lights on the market. I’ve always wanted a ring light, but haven’t found that it’s a necessary purchase that has made it to the top of my list. I am a regular person. I don’t need professional lighting equipment for selfies. It just seems a little frivolous.

I noticed right away that photos taken in front of this mirror are ultra bright, high definition, and make my makeup look perfect without any editing required. I squealed with delight upon taking my first sefie in front of it. It definitely beats my little pocket ring light that fits on my phone. Those are cool to have, but this light is substantially more powerful.

USB Charging

The charging component of this mirror is really neat. While you can use the mirror unplugged, if you do plug it in you can insert a USB cable for charging. I find that I use up a lot of phone battery watching YouTube videos while getting ready, so having a place to plug in is really helpful. There is also an AUX input and included cable in case you don’t want to use the bluetooth connection.

                                      Bluetooth Speaker


The controls for the bluetooth connection, volume, answering calls, pausing music or video, skipping to the next track, and finally, the light control.

Bluetooth capability was another top selling point to me with this mirror. With the built in speaker, you can take phone calls or just listen to whatever is on your phone. This enables me to talk on the phone while I get ready without worrying about carrying my phone around while the battery drains. I most frequently use this for watching videos while I get ready. It’s nice to have better sound than what comes out of my phone. Also, it is louder so I can hear whatever I’m playing from the bathroom or closet. If you’re someone that likes to listen to music while you shower or get ready, this would be a great option. It doesn’t get super loud, but the sound quality is pretty good as far as portable bluetooth speakers go.


Magnifying Mirror and Mirror Qualitywp-image-1729267221jpg.jpg

I looked at a lot of mirrors before choosing this one. Some people might think that a mirror is just a mirror, but if you spend time looking at mirrors of different price ranges, you’ll find that isn’t true. The quality of this mirror is great. It is true to life, no warping or distortion. Everything looks crystal clear, which is helpful for precise makeup application. Looking at it next to a lower end mirror definitely demonstrated that this one is simply better quality than most.

The 7x magnifying side is really impressive, but I have mixed feelings about it. It’s so clear and close up that I don’t necessarily enjoy looking at myself in it. The most magnification I’ve ever had is 5x, so with a 7x magnification mirror with a super bright light, imperfections are clear as day. It does help me when it’s time to do extractions or pluck my brows, but damn. I look like some sort of troll creature when I look in this mirror. I feel like my seemingly smooth skin looks like the bottom of somebody’s foot when I glance in the magnified side. You’ve been warned. Seriously, if you’re a picker, be careful. You will walk away from this mirror looking like your face has been to war.

The mirror retails for about $150, but that seems to vary a bit. If you’re interested, you can find it here as well as Best Buy, Kohl’s, and other stores that you might be able to find discounts for. I believe the final price with coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond comes out somewhere around $100. It’s an investment, but for a mirror this nice, it’s so worth it! My makeup has been looking better and I’ve been having way fewer incidents where I walk into natural lighting and suddenly my makeup looks horrific.

What does everyone use to do their makeup? Anyone else still using a janky old mirror like I was? Any thoughts on the newer generation of fancy lighted mirrors? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


4 thoughts on “The Best Makeup Mirror Ever

  1. I love this mirror! The USB and speaker is good cus I watch videos / jam out when I do my makeup. I used a regular mirror like my KVD palette mirror, I love to do my makeup in nAtural light like with an open mirror. Cus have you ever looked at yourself in the car mirror and sometimes it’s like damn girl! Happens to me lol.

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