Becca Lilac Geode

Becca Cosmetics shimmering skin perfectors are one of my all time favorite highlighter formula, and when I first saw Lilac Geode, It was no different. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be hitting pan very sIMG_20170909_182637_508oon.

Becca always seems to be a little less colorful than some other brands when it comes to

highlighters, but in the last year they have branched out quite a bit with the addition of their Light Chaser highlighter collection and my personal favorite, Lilac Geode. Its pretty much a perfect match for my aesthetic.

This highlighter has been out for several months, but I decided to write about it since this limited edition highlighter seems to have gotten a new spot on Ulta’s display at my store. Are they winding up to announce that it is permanent like every other highlighter shade that was supposed to be limited edition? Are they

going to keep stocking the shelves until inventory runs out? And most importantly… Do I need to buy a backup?

If you don’t already have this highlighter and love pinky-purple tones with a touch of gold, don’t forget to go swatch this and grab it before its gone (if Becca can be believed about their limited edition products, that is.)


Been a while, beauties

Guys. Its really been awhile. I just thought I’d acknowledge my absence and say hello to all of you beauty lovers out there that might be reading this. Or people that want to keep tabs. Whatever. Not for me to worry about.20180130_211651.jpg

I’ve been going through a lot personally, and decided that it might be a good time for me to get back to posting here. My journey has been a long and difficult one, but I’m happy to be where I am in life right now. I truly can’t wait to see everything that is to come in 2018. Big things.

I am still at Ulta and loving getting to work with makeup and talk to people about my favorite stuff every day. I’ve changed some things up in my personal style and can’t wait to see what inspiration I’ll gain this year. I am grateful to work with and meet such talented and creative people every day.

I hope 2018 is treating all of you well. xo. Don’t forget to be true to yourself.




November Beauty Favorites


I didn’t have much time to write and take photos of my favorites last month, so I’m combining my favorites from October and November. These have been the trusty favorites that have taken me through the fall so far. Fall is always a busy time for me, so its always nice to have things I’m excited to reach for again and again. Don’t get me wrong, I like variety, but I love getting into a comfortable routine in the fall. It’s cold, gets darker quickly, and my schedule is more packed than usual.  Read on if you’d like to see my favorites for the month.

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Black Friday Beauty Steals

With so many stores taking part in Black Friday sales, beauty retailers and brands have partnered together to get a piece of that glorious black Friday dollar. This is the best time of year to try out new products and brands. Since I love learning about what’s new in beauty, I’ve created a round up of the most exciting sales and products.

Source: Sephora

At big beauty retailers, brands are developing exclusive products and sets that are only available in limited supply. A favorite of mine over the last few years has been the sets that Tarte releases; mini blushes and highlighters in new shades. Two years ago, I ordered three of their $10 blush and cream colour stick sets from Sephora and they are still some of my favorites.

Whether you’re trying to get a deal on a favorite product or you’re in the market to try new things without having to purchase the full size, these sets are practical buys. Plus, who doesn’t love having minis and travel sizes for travel? Continue reading

The Best Makeup Mirror Ever

I spotted this iHome mirror at Bed Bath & Beyond a few months ago, and I knew that I needed it right away. My previous mirror was a plain, unlighted mirror that wasn’t quite tall enough or big enough. I needed an upgrade, so I threw this mirror on my wish list. I was thrilled to receive this gift on my birthday, and right away I was ready to use it to create some new beauty looks. Continue reading

Too Faced Funfetti Collection

funfetti-paletteIn my last post, I said that nobody really outdoes MAC with their packaging. I was clearly wrong; there is one exception. Too Faced Cosmetics. Ultimate kitsch, girliness, and cute factor all the time. While they may not be as creative and inventive as the MAC product design team, you better bet that Too Faced has perfected its niche and brand identity.

You might be aware that I really adore Too Faced and their lovely blushes. The Love Flush Blushes are one of my favorite blush formulas of all time. When I saw some photos of confetti blushes on Instagram, obviously I was very excited. However, it took months for any more details to emerge. Finally, they announced it. The Funfetti Collection. HSN exclueive. Calendar reminders were set, and I ordered it the moment presale began last week.

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MAC Nutcracker Sweet Collection


As always, MAC has put out a visually stunning collection for the holidays. MAC holiday stuff has always kind of been a tradition for me for a solid ten years, so I always get excited to see what is in store.  The aesthetic of each collection always exceeds what any other brand is doing. They go above and beyond to make special packaging that MAC junkie will cherish and enjoy using and displaying on their vanity.

The Nutcracker Sweet Collection definitely does not disappoint.

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Life Update!

I haven’t been updating for the last month, and I wanted to let all of my readers know what’s been going on!wp-1479432939879.jpg

I’ve just started working with Ulta Beauty as a prestige beauty advisor in the last few weeks, so getting acclimated to my new job has been time consuming. I am really excited and feel very fortunate to be doing what I love. Ulta is so far a great company to work with, and it is giving me greater opportunity to improve my makeup artistry and expand my skills.

I also recently celebrated my 28th birthday on November 13h, and you better bet that I’ll be showing off those goods. There has been no shortage of new releases,  and I’ve got a few little hauls to share; MAC holiday collection, a birthday haul, a really exciting  Voxbx, and more! I’m hoping to have some fresh new content as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your patience! Hopefully my new job will give me more exposure to new releases that I can share with you all.