Been a while, beauties

Guys. Its really been awhile. I just thought I’d acknowledge my absence and say hello to all of you beauty lovers out there that might be reading this. Or people that want to keep tabs. Whatever. Not for me to worry about.20180130_211651.jpg

I’ve been going through a lot personally, and decided that it might be a good time for me to get back to posting here. My journey has been a long and difficult one, but I’m happy to be where I am in life right now. I truly can’t wait to see everything that is to come in 2018. Big things.

I am still at Ulta and loving getting to work with makeup and talk to people about my favorite stuff every day. I’ve changed some things up in my personal style and can’t wait to see what inspiration I’ll gain this year. I am grateful to work with and meet such talented and creative people every day.

I hope 2018 is treating all of you well. xo. Don’t forget to be true to yourself.





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