Too Faced Funfetti Collection

funfetti-paletteIn my last post, I said that nobody really outdoes MAC with their packaging. I was clearly wrong; there is one exception. Too Faced Cosmetics. Ultimate kitsch, girliness, and cute factor all the time. While they may not be as creative and inventive as the MAC product design team, you better bet that Too Faced has perfected its niche and brand identity.

You might be aware that I really adore Too Faced and their lovely blushes. The Love Flush Blushes are one of my favorite blush formulas of all time. When I saw some photos of confetti blushes on Instagram, obviously I was very excited. However, it took months for any more details to emerge. Finally, they announced it. The Funfetti Collection. HSN exclueive. Calendar reminders were set, and I ordered it the moment presale began last week.


I am a huge fan of Funfetti cupcakes and that makes this the perfect dessert themed makeup release. It comes with a 12 shadow eye shadow palette, a full-sized Better than Sex mascara, the blush in Funfetti, a little heart Flatbuki brush, and a Funfetti Lipgloss in Mocha Freeze.

I have mixed feelings about Too Faced eye shadows. Pretty much every time they come in cardboard packaging, the colors all seem to look the same. I’ve also heard questionable things from others about their pigmentation, which I’ll have to work more with the palette to establish. I hope they’ve been listening to some of the criticism about some past palettes and made improvements accordingly.


Swatches are done from top to bottom of each row of three shadows.

I have used the palette a couple of times to make some pretty basic and unremarkable looks. It is mostly cool toned colors, which seems appropriate with the brightening light pink blush. I do find most of the colors to be pretty pigmented, but I do not think they are as good as some of the permanent palettes like the chocolate bar palettes and the palettes sold in tins. Some of the lighter colors and mattes are a struggle to work with; they are a bit powdery and tend to blend away quite quickly.  They did swatch nicely though, for the most part.

The Funfetti blush shade has to be my favorite too faced blush. All of the multi-colored bits–flecks of puIMG_20161116_155214.jpgrple and peach throughout–have a unique effect. These blushes have a flattering shimmer that isn’t too over the top, but very pretty and long-wearing to boot.

The blush was the only reason that I really, truly wanted this set, but the Better Than Sex Mascara is really nice and is definitely worth the hype that it has been getting. It gives good volume and decent lash separation, since the formula isn’t an overly wet, sticky one. I’ve also heard that the formula is moisturizing too, but I can’t attest to any long term impact.

The brush was another surprise stand out item in this set. All of the Too Faced brushes are usually nice, but this one didn’t look like it would be good for much. It works extremely well with the blush, which is surprising; I have had a lot of trouble figuring out what brush is best for the Love Flush blushes since they are SO pigmented. I often use a duo fibre brush, but they can lack the control you need. This brush does not pick up too much pigment and actually blends really nicely. It is very soft, and while I don’t necessarily love the design, I realized that you can stand it up on its side which is nice if you want to display it on your vanity.


Funfetti blush, Funfetti Lipgloss in Mocha Freeze

I have no real feelings about the lip gloss. It feels nice, but isn’t necessarily a color I would wear. It’s kind of a bronzey cocoa color, which isn’t necessarily up my alley.

I got this palette on pre sale and used Visa Checkout and only wound up paying $35 for it because of some sort of surprise promotion. It currently retails for $68, but I would give Visa Checkout or promo codes a try. This set is limited edition so make sure you grab one now if you’re into it! This would be the perfect gift for any makeup lovers and fans of Too Faced cosmetics.

Will you guys be grabbing this set? What are your thoughts about Too Faced eye shadows? Leave a comment below!


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