Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar


Too Faced has just released the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar to the general public as of December 15th, but I was able to get my hands on it a few days ago thanks to Sephora’s VIB Rouge program that allows Rouge members to buy special release products early.

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to go for it, but of course, I wasn’t able to resist when I saw the colors! I was worried at first glance that the colors would be too similar, but the second chocolate bar palette definitely brings something new to the table!

Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette $49 at Sephora and TooFaced.ComIMG_20141215_170441

As always with the Too Faced Chocolate line, the eyeshadows have a deliciously decadent chocolate scent. Like with the last palette, the shadows are buttery and blendable,  true to color, and quite pigmented. In addition, Too Faced has an antioxidant rich eyeshadow formula that feels great on the skin. The palette is full of warm caramels, deep mochas, and some fun pops of color to help upgrade a simple neutral look to something more fun and exciting. In use, the colors blend seamlessly and remain true to color; no muddiness.


Here is a side by side comparison of the two palettes. Both are quite warm toned with multiple different shadow finishes. Matte, shimmer, glitter, and satin shadows all work side by side. The Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette has more mid-toned colors that are perfect for use in the area between the crease and brow bone as transition colors, as well as plenty of flattering shades for the lid, and darker colors to deepen the crease. Unlike the first Chocolate Bar Palette,  each color is labeled on the inside of the palette instead of the back.


My only complaint is that there is less product in the semi sweet palette. The two larger shades, Coconut Creme and Butter Pecan are only 0.07 oz while the two larger shades in the first palette were 0.10 oz. This is a pretty small difference, but still noticeable and worth mentioning. All of the other shadows are the same;  0.03 oz. Also, as you can see in the swatches, the black shadow (Licorice) looks a little bit dry and chalky.swatches


Here are the swatches, shown from top to bottom of the palette. From left: Licorice, Coconut Creme, Nougat, Truffled, Hot Fudge, Cocoa Chili, Pink Sugar, Puddin’, Blueberry Swirl, Peanut Butter, Frosting, Rum Rasin, Mousse, Caramel, Bon Bon, Butter Pecan.

Will you be picking up The Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar? Tell me below which of the Chocolate Bar Palettes is your favorite!


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