Makeup Forever Ultra HD Voxbox


It’s that time again–Voxbox time! As always I was super thrilled when I received the email letting me know that I would be getting another Voxbox. Over the last year, I’ve been getting lots of Voxboxes from prestige cosmetic brands, and as far as prestige and tried and true brands go, Makeup Forever is one of the best.

For a long time I didn’t really identify with Makeup Forever. Their aesthetic and their ethos seemed so close to that of MAC Cosmetics; another makeup brand for makeup artists created by makeup artists. Glossy black packaging, minimalism, and so forth. I’ve always been a MAC girl from the very beginning of my fascination for makeup. Now that I’ve discovered a few MUFE products that I really dig, I can’t see why I was not all about them before.The theme of this Voxbox is #UltraHDGeneration. I suppose that hashtag is a reference to the high-definition camera ready makeup that Instagram and the makeup industry at large have popularized. These products are designed to provide the no makeup makeup look just as well as they provide a flawless, high def finish. They claim to perfect while remaining invisible–something that seems unlikely, but through working with them, I found those claims to be well substantiated.

The box contains two foundations in my chosen colors; Ultra HD Invisible Cover Liquid Foundation, $43 and Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation, $43. The liquid foundation comes in at 1.01 oz, which is pretty average. The foundation stick contains 0.44 oz, but since stick foundations are typically so pigmented have such concentrated formulas, that can be overlooked. Brands like Hourglass, Lancome, Bobbi Brown, and Anastasia Beverly hills are all around the 0.3 oz range, (all but ABH are close in price range to MUFE) so it is a considerably large amount of product for a stick foundation.


I tried the liquid foundation first at a friend’s wedding a couple of weeks back. I took a gamble wearing it to an important event for the first time, but I trust MUFE, as I know many artists who use the brand for wedding day makeup. When I applied it, it disappeared into my skin. The color was a great match, and it never oxidized on me. While the coverage was good, it wasn’t quite full coverage, but it looked nice. I initially regretted not bringing a more full coverage foundation, but once I set it, it looked great. I learned later on in the week that it does build up nicely, so more coverage is possible without a ton of powder.

On the day of the wedding, it was a rainy day, and somehow my makeup stuck. It didn’t look perfect, but it held up really well and to my surprise, lasted well into the night. The lasting power is no joke. It didn’t break up or go all weird. I was able to touch up with powder and go on with the night.

The stick foundation was tested under different circumstances. It was 10012016stacey22222.jpgjust a regular day, and I decided that I was going to get glam and force Chris to take me out for dinner, per usual.

I used to despise stick foundations. Too many memories of young me trying to make too-dark shades of thick, difficult to blend formulas. So many crappy stick foundations were to be had the last time this was a big trend. That combined with my lack of skill meant my middle school makeup was terrifying.

So now that you understand my aversion to stick foundations, let me tell you why this one is SO different… It actually blends! It doesn’t look like a layer of melted crayons smeared all over my face. While I love full coverage, a mask like foundation isn’t my thing.

I dotted this foundation around my face and neck and used my Artis Brush knockoff (see my last haul post for that) to blend it in. The formula did seem to melt into the skin seamlessly without looking greasy. I didn’t find that it stuck to my dry patches, nor did I have any issue getting it to stick to my oily zones.

The staying power might not be as great as that of the liquid foundation, but with setting powder and a good primer, it can work for 8+ hours.

This foundation is advertised as being good for dry skin, as it has time-released moisturizing properties. The product description also indicates that it is good for touch ups, which I find both intriguing and terrifying.

I do like both products quite a bit, and I feel that they’ve earned their large price tag.I would give each of them 4/5 stars. Maybe that will increase as I use them more.

Thank you to Make Up For Ever and Influenster for the Ultra HD foundations to try!

If you would like to join Influenster and start getting free stuff, here is my referral link.

Have you tried these Makeup Forever products or other stick foundations? What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment below!


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