Two Great New Lipstick Formulas


I’ve been waiting for Jeffree Star’s Lip Ammunition collection to drop since the first time it was announced. I am a big fan of his Velour Liquid Lipsticks, and since I normally prefer traditional lipsticks, I knew I would probably love these.

I am also really interested in Charlotte Tilbury, but had never made a purchase. When I was checking out onΒ  Beautylish, I decided that it was as good of a time as any to grab something from her collection. I have been seeing lots of photos of the Hot Lips collection lately, so I opted to add one of those to my cart as well.Jeffree Star’s Lip Ammunition lipsticks cost $18 each and come with 0.12 oz of product. For reference, a MAC lipstick comes with 0.10 oz of product for $17. Much like the rest of his products, the Lip Ammunition features his signature bright pink plastic packaging.

The bullet shape packaging is cute and different, but the feel of the tube is a bit cheap. I worry that the silver tip of the lipstick will come loose and wreck my lipstick. However, I’ll give Jeffree a break on the flimsy feel of the packaging since it’s pretty original.


I purchased the color Ex Supermodel. It is a soft nude pink and looks fairly neutral. I have issues finding pinks that I feel are light enough that they won’t look stark and crazy on me, and this oneΒ  suits my complexion well. It smells like ice cream, which I think is very fitting for this brand.

On first wear, I noticed that the formula is a little on the heavier side; it glides on smoothly, but is intense and very opaque. It feels good on the lips and looks flattering, and the finish is a demi-matte finish with a little bit of satiny-ness that fades as it wears. I found that it wore well for the first few hours that I had it on, however, it did seem to go a little bit gritty toward the center of my lips. It wasn’t terrible, but some people who have reviewed the product on Beautylish who purchased other colors complained about it.

Another thing I wanted to note was that this lipstick does tend to stain the lips just a bit, so if you want to remove it, I suggest wiping it off, applying a lip balm, then wiping off the remaining pigment.

As of now, there are a total of 10 shades. Jeffree has indicated that he will be putting out more colors, so I hope that he makes some tweaks to the formula to improve the wear a bit; grainy texture isn’t exactly something that I love dealing with.


Left: Ex-Supermodel, Right: Kim K.W.

The second item I purchased was the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips lipstick in Kim K.W., $32. This should be a surprise to nobody; I love a good nude lip, and I’m admittedly a consumer of all things Kardashian related (well, except for their mediocre beauty line). Kim Kardashian West is a beauty icon and was one of my inspirations for learning more about makeup. Up until a few years ago, nobody ever made contouring, nude lips,Β  and smoky eyes look better together.

I decided to purchase this color after seeing it in Jeffree Star’s monthly favorites and Samantha Ravndahl’s (formerly Batalash) recent get ready with us video. She is drop dead gorgeous and seems like a super cool chick, so if you don’t already follow her on Instagram and Youtube, you should.

lipstickkimkwThe Hot Lips lipsticks are also 0.12 oz, and although the price point is considerably higher than what I am usually willing to pay, the formula is quite luxurious. These lipsticks come in a rose-gold hued tube and the lipstick itself has a really unique shape that tapers up to a rounded off rectangle.

The formula of these lipsticks is extremely rich and creamy, not ultra pigmented, but not sheer either. I had to build it a little up to get full opacity. The unique tip of the lipstick makes for a nice application. It doesn’t run outside of the lip line, but I do prefer a lip liner with lipsticks like this one that have a little more slip to them. The formula is described as a cashmere matte, which I guess describes the lipstick pretty well. I will definitely purchase more lipsticks from this collection if I get the chance!







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