Kat Von D Lock it Collection

lock-it-collectioneditA few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to receive the Kat Von D VoxBox from Influenster. As I’ve written about in the past, Influenster is an awesome program that allows select users to try the latest products in a variety of different categories.

OBVIOUSLY I was thrilled to receive free products from one of my favorite makeup brands. If you follow my Instagram or look at my beauty collection, you probably know that I’m super into the vibe and quality of each of her products. They have edge and style like Kat, and as a tattoo fanatic, I love the tattoo themed products.influenster-box1


Influenster and Kat Von D chose to share 4 new products from her most recent line; two makeup brushes, a setting powder, and two concealers, sold exclusively at Sephora and Kat Von D’s website.

Lock it Creme Concealer

This is the one product from this collection that I just couldn’t wait to get. From the time it was announced, I was ready with a calendar reminder to go buy my colors when the concealer was launched. Then I got the email that I was getting this awesome VoxBox.

I have this concealer in four shades; White Out, L1, L3 and L5. I received the latter two test. L5 isn’t perfect on me, but L1 and L3 both work pretty well and I can use a bit of White Out lock-it-concealereditto lighten things up if needed. This is unheard of fora shade range to be so abundant that such a fair skinned woman could realistically work with 4 different shades. 
I absolutely love the applicator. Its precision makes doing my makeup easier and more precise. it does not feel too wet or too dry during blending. It stays in place fairly well when I blend with a beauty blender, and minimal streaking when I use a brush. You’ve just got to work with it.
I found that it was easy to have it cake up right below my tear duct, and that made it look dry and a little obvious. After working with it, I found it is better to blend upward than to have too much product too close to the eye area.

Lock it Edge Concealer Brush

I didn’t expect to be reaching for this brush as much as I am, especially since I’m such a lockit-concealer-brush1Beauty Blender fan. However, this blends concealer perfectly. No dragging, tugging, or streaking. It is smooth and soft. It also works great for carving out your cheekbone and applying cream highlighters. Since it has a unique edge on each side of the brush, you don’t even have to wipe it off before using it for another purpose. Like all of Kat’s brushes, this is a synthetic brush and the construction is quite solid. This is definitely on brand and a pleasure to use.

Lock it Setting Powder 

lock-it-powder1I don’t always love loose setting powders, but the ever so slight tint in this one won me over. I love the packaging, the star sifter, and the finish of this powder. It’s matte, but has a satiny finish that looks more  real and less cakey than others.

It works well for setting concealer and is one of the best products I’ve ever tried for this purpose. It also helps other powder products to blend better. If I lightly set my whole face with this, contour and blush products go on more smoothly.

This is definitely on par with what I would expect from Kat Von D, and this is one that I will for sure re-purchase. There is no flashback and it works awesome for baking.

Lock it Setting Powder Brushlock-it-powder-brush1

This brush is perfectly weighted, fluffy, soft, and the ultimate multi-takser. It sets the under eye area like a champ, blends your blush, bronzer, and highlight to perfection, and picks up just the right amount of powder. Need a big fluffy brush that is not too wide? The narrow tear drop shape will fit perfectly in any area.

The size of the brush is nice and the brush has a nice weight to it. It is easy to use and definitely nice to have during marathon blending sessions.

Go ahead and check them out at Sephora! These are amazing quality products and you won’t regret grabbing any of them.


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