Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Review

abh glow kit 1.jpg

I’ve been a fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills since I started figuring out what the hell to do with my sparse blonde eyebrows. Since then, the brand has expanded to include more fabulous beauty products in their line. Their powder and cream contour kits– which seemingly kicked off the contour palette craze of the last two years, eyeshadow (both singles and palettes) , gel eyeliner in a variety of colors, single highlighters, and most recently, their foundation sticks. In such a short time, Anastasia Beverly Hills has gone from a single focus brand to a beauty powerhouse.

One product I kept coming back to were their glow kits. I would swatch them at Sephora and Ulta every time a new one came out. I’m a bit of a highlighter and illuminator collector, but I kept coming up with reasons not to grab one of the glow kits. Enter the Sweets Glow Kit

The Sweets Glow Kit retails for $40 and comes with 4 removable magnetic pans of product. This palette is exclusive to the ABH website, unlike the other glow kits released so far.  Here are the color descriptions:

  • Marshmallow – Intense pearl with gold reflect
  • Sassy Grape – Lavender with blue reflect
  • Butterscotch – Gold with white reflect
  • Taffy – A fusion of peach, pink, and gold reflect


I was most attracted to the latter two, but knew that I was likely to love the others as well. So far, my assumptions have been accurate.I do want to mention that my first Glow Kit arrived with two pans broken. Their customer service was amazing and shipped out a new one the very same day as I called to let them know. I got my new order without being asked to send the other back. The replacement came in two days and was wrapped much more carefully than the first. Hopefully they will pack delicate products more carefully in the future, as I’m sure there will be more glow kits and delicate powders.

After having this Glow Kit for some time, I’ve gotten a ton of use out of it. Marshmallow and Butterscotch have been my favorite traditional highlighters, and Taffy works well as a blush topper or something to make my bronzer/contour glow. They mix with each other well. I have not used Sassy Grape a ton, but it does mix nicely with pink and purple blushes, and it can be mixed with one of the other highlighters to tone it down and make it more wearable.


Marshmallow, Sassy Grape, Butterscotch, Taffy.

The texture of these is a bit different than their single highlighters. I find that they are very creamy. When I swatched them, it made a bit of an indent in the pans. When picked up with a brush, they do kick up a fair bit of powder, but they do not apply powdery. I find that they melt into the skin as you blend them out with a brush, making them nice for those who like a subtle highlight. If you use a light hand and spend some time blending, they don’t have to be super obvious. However, I love a super bright, gleaming highlight, which I have no problem achieving. The texture and the multi-colored reflects are what really sets these powders apart.

For the price, I think that the Glow Kits are an amazing deal. for $40, you get 4 pans at 0.26 oz. For reference, Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfecters come with 0.28 oz and Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighters (the most comparable texture, IMO) come with 0.35 oz for $30.




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