My Favorite Nude Lipsticks


If you know me, you know that I’m all about a nude lip. It’s just what I have found works best with my coloring and allows me to play up an intense smokey eye or every day look without overpowering the rest of my face. I’m always more about my eyes and my cheeks than I am about a statement lip.

There are all different types of nude lip colors in many different shades for any complexion. Since I’m pale, most of my picks will be geared toward paler skin tones, but rest assured, any skin tone can find a perfect Nude. Brands like Buxom, Hourglass, and many other brands sell lines with nudes in several different shades. Other brands like MAC have nudes in every shade and tone, and you don’t have to look far to find them.

I’m pretty equal-opportunities when it comes to different shades of nude; pink toned, brown toned, yellow toned, and rosier nudes are in constant rotation in my handbag. Even greige toned nudes and peach nudes have a place in my heart. If you’re pale like me–or perhaps just love to wear a more understated lip, check out some of my favorites, with a few darker nude options mixed in.


From left to right:

Buxom “Buff”
L’oreal “Doutzen’s Nude”
Bite Beauty “Retsina”
Hourglass “Nude No.1”
Rimmel Kate Moss Collection “113”
Kat Von D “Agatha”
MAC “Fleshpot”
MAC “Creme D’Nude”
MAC “Myth”
MAC “Japanese Maple”
MAC “Honey Love”
MAC “Blankety”
MAC “Kiss of The King”
Anastasia “Milkshake”


Here are some swatches of my nude lipstick collection. Milkshake on the far right somehow didn’t end up in my photo lineup, but I had to swatch it! Also, the Nude YSL one somehow disappeared after the initial photo and isn’t shown swatched at all. My bad, guys!

What is your favorite nude lipstick? Mine are Kat Von D’s “Agatha” and MAC’s “Fleshpot”, seen here swatched side-by-side. I usually tend to add  a little light pink gloss when I want to add a little more color, so I guess I lean more toward cooler-toned pink leaning nudes!


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