Choosing a Wedding Day Makeup Artist

As a makeup lover, I consider a makeup artist to be  one of the most important vendors I will choose for my upcoming wedding day, second only to the photographer.  I did countless hours of research, messaged numerous artists and services, and did two trials.


I knew it was going to be an enormous challenge for me, since I am not only particular about the type of look I want, but also very picky about what brands are used, and each and every piece of makeup that will go on my skin. Down to the shade. Yes, I’m a huge pain. In my mind, I just needed to find an artist whose style jived well with my own, and was receptive to my vision.

After my makeup trials, I chose a wonderful artist, Shaili. She did amazing work, and didn’t seem fazed by the products I brought with me, or the specific instruction on everything from eyeliner shape to what color to use on the eye lid. Check out her website and her Instagram page to see more of her work. She is based out of Rahway, NJ for anyone looking for an artist in that area.

I’m really happy with what she did. Our consultation was quick, but thorough and I had a lot of fun having my makeup done by her. She was completely fine with giving me a dramatic, striking makeup look and didn’t second guess my request to keep it more glam and less bridal

While I was consulting with different artists, I realized I had some questions I would suggest any makeup lover like myself might want to ask when reviewing a portfolio doesn’t tell you everything you need to know


  • Are you OK with doing makeup that leans more dramatic than typical bridal makeup?
  • What product lines do you work with? What foundations do you use?
  • What products do you use to ensure makeup has staying power on my dry/oily/combination skin?
  • What type of primer/setting sprays do you prefer?
  • What type of false eyelashes do you typically like to use?
  • Are you OK with using products I bring in?
  • What products do you use to highlight and contour?
  • Are you able to execute the examples I have provided?
  • Will you allow me to watch while you apply my makeup

The last one is very  important to me! Some things can’t be changed after they arefixed in place. I would prefer to give feedback in real time rather than being unhappy and making them redo something. One of the makeup artists I did a trial seemed keen on keeping me from looking until she was finished, and it was not until she did the final reveal that I realized there were at least a half dozen things I might have asked her to do differently if I saw what she was doing.bridalmakeup3

These are just the makeup-centric questions; bridal blogs can tell you more on what logistical/pricing questions you may want to ask, but this is my list of questions that helps me figure out my compatibility with an artist before, during, and after the makeup application.

Remember, if you are extremely detail oriented about your makeup like I am and think of what primer you’ll wear the night before a big event, or what lipstick combination photographs best on you, you probably aren’t entirely easy to please. This is OK; you just need to communicate and manage your expectations appropriately. And don’t be a giant asshole about it.  Help your lovely makeup artists help you! Come with a vision and remain open minded. But most importantly, make sure you look like yourself on your wedding day! Bringing a friend who will give you their honest opinion helps, too.



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